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Shiatsu Massage and Acupressure

As well as practicing and teaching Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung Sandie has studied Shiatsu and Acupressure. Both these healing arts using finger/hand pressure can assist and support the body's healing process. Utilising the law of the five elements (fire, water, wood, metal and earth) and incorporating the understanding that yin and yang exists in everything it is based on the concept that the body, mind and spirit operate as one through the field of energy. The practitioner after initial consultation to understand the clients/students lifestyle assesses the chi (life forces) which is flowing through the "meridians" (pathways or passages) connecting the different parts of the body. Within the "meridian" the energy may "flow" freely or it may become stuck or overloaded. Thus, it needs to be released to "flow" readily again. Likewise, it may need to be stimulated if the area has become weakened. This healing art coordinates beautifully with Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung allowing healing to take place.

Sandie's approach to healing is based on an integrative model that has led to her understanding and belief that dis-eases in the mind and body is a combination of many different factors. Likewise, the way in which we can heal ourselves can also be achieved by integrating a variety of methods. To achieve this she recommends that we introduce into our lifestyles wholesome disciplines such as Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung.


Reiki also compliments the therapies practiced. Working with universal life energies assists the healing process. The practitioner works with the "receiver" by laying hands on the energy centres (chakras). This may be directly on or close to the body. After a while the "receiver" will feel calmer, more at peace and in harmony with body and soul. Achieving this state naturally involves a sense of joy and happiness which is transmitted throughout the body. The healing process can begin. Sandie has experienced and practiced these healing arts over a considerable number of years. She has a commitment to daily practice and reaps the benefits which in turn inspire her to teach others.

The Workshops

Sandie runs seasonal and day workshops with her own individual approach to the workshops. She has studied Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung with Master Jason Chan of the Light Foundation.

Sandie offers students the chance to enjoy unique workshops in a beautiful environment.



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