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Dear Sandie

Thank you for a wonderful weekend. It was an ideal holiday- plenty of activity, stimulating but relaxing and refreshing, excellent food and company to match.

Thank you again - with very best wishes.

May 2008 Workshop


Thank you very much for clear instruction, great leadership and a real demonstration of the power and effect of Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

You have inspired me.

September 2008 Workshop


Sandie is a gentle, wise, supportive and powerful teacher, who is tuned in to the energies of her group. She will always be more tham willing to genuinely answer questions and offer guidance on all levels. The needs and development of every single person in the group is important to her. She is graceful to watch and highly inspirational.

My daughter has a cartilage problem around her heart which flares up every 2 or 3 months, causing intense pain and difficulty in breathing, which ususally lasts 5 to 7 days. I took her to one of Sandie's classes and Sandie focused the evenings workshop particularly around the heart. The next day my daughter was amazed as the condition was only in its second day and would usually last much longer.

I have studied and practiced many forms of alternative healing therapies. This particular form of Tai Chi exceeds many as the work is deeply rooted in the physical as well as the spiritual. I have found over the years that meditation, oracle reading etc, are not enough alone to impact and make radical changes in day to day life and challenges. Tai Chi teaches proper breathing, the movements are peaceful and strengthening. There is a distinctive improvement over weeks of practice reflecting in all areas of life.

September 2008


your teaching is so lovely, you teach us so well, we practise different things in class then when it is put together in the Tai Chi form we already know it; it is easier to remember

Busy mother

When we get home from class I can still hear your voice teaching and it helps me remember the form.


I was very stiff from travelling home from holiday and sitting a long time so we stopped the car and I got out and did some Chi Kung, it really helped, it worked!

Active Farmer

Nothing else has really helped me up until now…

Stressed Translator


Tai Chi and Chi Kung are immensely powerful. The breathing exercise and gentle movements are a kind of meditiation which leave me feeling centred and relaxed.

Kate S.


Wonderfully calming but energising sessions



An enriching experience; I wish I had discovered it years ago.





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