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Much research has been conducted into the connection between Tai Chi and the number of falls in the elderly or older population.

According to Fuzhong Li et al (2005) "A three-times-per-week 6 month programme is effective in decreasing the number of falls, the risk of falling and the fear of falling, and it improves functional balance and physical performance in physically inactive persons aged 70 years or older" (The Journals of Gerontology Series: A biological Sciences and Medical Sciences 60: 187-194).

Other researchers, for example, Xu D.I. et al (2004) emphasis that elderly people who practice Tai Chi maintain better ankle and knee joint control (The British Journal of Sports Medicine, 39: (1) 50-54). As Sandie has observed this is due to alignment of the spine and structural balance and control as a result of Tai Chi activity.

Tai Chi can be most benefical for the 70+ age group. With this in mind Sandie has included within her practice the teaching of "seated" Tai Chi. She has adopted a "seated" form for those who are unable to stand for long periods of time. Sandie works on the basis of adapting the form to the needs of the individual in these instances. Working with the breath and the chi, the life force can be rejuvenated or remain in a more balanced state.

Research has been conducted on Tai Chi and Chi Kung for Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Asthma, Parkinson’s Disease ... to name but a few.  For links to information contact Sandie via the enquiry form.



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