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Through this website, consultations, workshops, classes and more, I hope to not only introduce and be a teacher to you of a wonderful method of relaxation and meditation, but with it a more relaxed, balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle.

Discover how teaching you our stress management and lifestyle guides can aid your general health and well-being.

Our Oriental Health Treatments are another way of achieving personal balance.



You have plenty of options...

There is a wealth of information contained in our website which will help you determine the correct route for you to establish your new, peaceful and balanced healthy lifestyle.

Select any of the buttons shown in our navigation menu to read about how Tai Chi, Chi Kung (also known as Qi Gong) and the Therapies can help you, both physically and mentally through our teaching.

Be guided by Sandie Day, your Tai Chi teacher based in North Yorkshire and working throughout the region.

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