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Tai Chi movelmentsPurpose and Intention of the Foundation Training Year

Tai Chi and Chi Kung Foundation course which will take place in Fryup, near Whitby (North Yorkshire) over 8 weekends.

Open our Foundation Course PDF document
352kB PDF - click here

The purpose of this foundation course is to introduce students to Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung and the principles of oriental medicine. Whilst this is not a professional training course it nevertheless covers many aspects of oriental medicine, for example the law of the five elements, understanding the principles of yin and yang, the chakra system and acupressure. It can lead students to follow on to the professional Infinite Tai and Chi Kung training as taught by Master Jason Chan, the founder of Infinite tai Chi and Chi Kung. The foundation course is designed for those individuals who cannot at present commit to and complete the three year professional training.

However, what the course does offer is the opportunity for insight into how Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung can change your life giving you more energy and vitality on a physical level, increased feelings of peace on an emotional level and on a spiritual level assists the ability to understand yourself more fully therefore providing the opportunity to transcend any difficulties in your life and realise your dreams and aspirations. The foundation course offers a great opportunity for personal development.

This course, based in Fryup near Whitby, accessible for anyone in the Yorkshire and North Yorkshire regions, is for absolute beginners and those with little experience of Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Oriental Medicine and throughout the year will provide each student with the opportunity to ask questions, to revisit anything that is not understood and to experience the potential that practising Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung presents. There is no assessment in a written form but as there are limited numbers working with two very qualified teachers there will be opportunities to assess how you are progressing. Recommendations for the professional teachers training course will be offered at the end of the course.

During the year other Tai Chi and Chi Kung teachers may be invited to join us to offer their different insights and expertise and we hope very much that Master Jason Chan will visit to teach on one of the weekends. We offer an exciting and fulfilling year with the chance to really come away after a weekend feeling revitalised and rejuvenated. And fun too!!

Please contact Sandie for more details and bookings.



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