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Chi Walking on the North York Moors

Unique, individualised and tailor made holiday breaks in the beautiful North York Moors are available. We are teaching Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Walking to combine the health benefits of both. Accommodation can be booked by us in local farmhouses, guest-house and small hotels.
Chi Walking focuses on the same principles as Tai Chi but it is not a necessity to learn Tai Chi to undertake Chi Walking.  Both bring balance and harmony to the body and assists in creating the environment within the body for the chi (life-force) to flow freely.
Learning Chi Walking can take the strain out of walking by aligning the body and engaging the core (the abdominal region or dantien) before moving forwards so that walking becomes more fluid and mindful and creates better posture and therefore increased power and stability.
Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Walking engage with the natural elements of air, water, earth and fire and to really experience the elements in nature the North York Moors is an ideal setting and makes for a truly enjoyable holiday with plenty of healthy activities.

For further information contact us or call on 07967 890969.



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